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Maura draws on her success as a marketing communications executive and Emmy Award-winning producer to help organizations drive growth and impact through special projects, and communications. Together we take innovative ideas and give them the strategy, structure, content, partners, and promotions they need to thrive.


Maura Kelly’s contributions to the America’s Service Commission’s network have been immense. By sharing her expertise with six state commissions, she helped the organizations take their communications work to an entirely new level. 
                                                                     Kaira Esgate, CEO, America’s Service Commissions

I want to say a big thank you to Maura for promoting the AmeriCorps PSA to television stations across the state of South Carolina & to border markets in Georgia. Her media relations work has raised over $900,000. of in-kind media airtime that we can use as a match for our federal grant funds. It’s a testament to how professional, and effective Maura is in her outreach efforts!
                                                                    Emily, Interim Executive Director, United Way of SC

Maura is a master of her craft. Her creative-thinking, diligent work style, and prolific network proved a vital asset to our efforts in marketing and fundraising. Together, we achieved great things. 
                                                                           President, Helping Other People Foundation

Maura Kelly is an amazing storyteller. She helped us create impact through top-tier content that highlights and amplifies member experiences on our social media channels.
                                                                     Maureen Eccleston, Executive Director, PennSERVE

Maura is a great collaborator. I’ve worked with her on numerous media projects at NorthRidge and at the WNET Group. Her creative skills are only matched by her management skills. She’s a creative thinker, skilled producer and understands today’s evolving media ecosystem. 
                                                                                 Brad Garfield, CEO, NorthRidge Productions

Maura played a vital role in helping to raise the profile of LEAP (Leadership Executive Acceleration Program) and her work took the program to the next level. She was strategic, and creative in finding the right CSR projects for our participants. The outcomes were hundreds of thousands of dollars of pro-bono services for our nonprofit community partners.
                                                                                   Mary McEvoy, LEAP Founder, VP PepsiCo.

The hugely important thing about having women in leadership roles in business is that it creates a different type of decision making and a different environment inside the workplace. LEAP creates role models and it improves the quality of thinking in leadership. The more diverse a board or a leadership group can be, the better the outcomes for the business. Maura and her team created an impressive and valuable program with LEAP.
                                                                     Ronan Dunne, CEO of Verizon Consumer

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